We offer opportunities for individuals and families from our community to experience their food in a whole new way through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), farm plot hosting, and a weekly surplus market.



When you become a member of our CSA, you're purchasing a "share" of vegetables from our farm.  Weekly, from May until October (or until the farm stops producing), we will deliver your share of produce to a convenient pick up location here in Highlands Ranch.


When you participate in our CSA, your support helps your local farmer because you are buying locally; you are buying the freshest food for your family that is produced using natural methods.  Because we use no pesticides or herbicides you are getting affordable healthy food for you and your family all while helping protect the environment.


Flavor discovery and experimentation is made possible through your weekly share. You will have the opportunity to try some new food or varietites and learn how to cook them in new and different ways.  Because your family can volunteer in the farm plots, they will be exposed and encouraged to try new foods.  If you have children like ours, the best way to get them to try something new is to learn about it or be involved in it first.


Our 2018 shares are $375 for the growing season.  The season will be anywhere from 20-26 weeks long. 



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We also offer an alternative share option, a weekly Salad Share!  This share will be distributed during the same time frame as the full share option, but focus on those items of produce that work together to make a great salad.  This share will consist of lettuce (mesclun/baby leaf mix, tatsoi, spinach, or full size leaf and head lettuce depending on the season) and veggies that help make a salad feel complete (carrots, radishes, cucumbers, groccoli, tomatoes, peas, salad onions, or even fruit). 


The salad share is designed to be an affordable and easy option for those who either eat a lot of salad or don't know if they want a full share yet.  This share will be only $175 for the full 20-26 week season.



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