A Family Affair

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One of the purposes of the farm is to help people and especially kids reconnect with their food. I plan to have some days geared toward the kids and getting the plots started helped solidify the idea in my mind. It started with moving a massive pile of mulch that will be, and is being, used for the plot pathways. My daughter jumped right in to help. She was a little upset when we finished and couldn't wait to help me move dirt. I thought for sure I would lose her on that one, but sure enough a few days later when I started tilling the ground, she was right there with me.

Once the dirt was delivered, she helped me any way she could. She raked the

Arianna sweeping.jpg

wheel barrow loads down and then helped with the clean up.

This past weekend we worked hard getting one of our farm plots set up. It was quite the undertaking and the homeowners pitched in the second day. With kids right along side keeping the adults entertained and smiling with every wheel barrow ride and sweep of a broom. It will be exciting to see the look on their faces when the plants really start taking off.

In preparation of the upcoming growing season, I have been starting seeds so that they will be ready to transplant as soon as the Colorado weather is shall we say stable. Each day I am more and more excited to plant the little seedlings in the ground. So far we have several types of tomatoes (Nebraska Wedding, Italian Heirloom, Brandywine, Sungold, Riesentraube, and Sweet Pea), ground cherries or husk cherries (Aunt Molly and Goldie), Sunberries, Lacinato kale, basil, and Buttercrunch head lettuce.

tomato starts.jpg

kale sprouts.jpg

As a mother of four and new business owner, every day holds challenges, joy, and excitement. The excitement grows with each CSA share that is purchased and our One 2 Grow On Farm community begins to develope. Check back soon to see how production is progressing.

Take pride in how your food is grown!

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