Surviving the Weather

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May was an interesting month filled with snow, yes snow, two hail storms, and nearly three weeks straight of rain and overcast skies. The rain was great, but the lack of sun slowed plant growth and of course the snow and hail didn't help things either. Despite it all, our first share was dispersed last night!

The last few weeks of sunny days with afternoon showers helped the crops take off.


The snow peas are just over a foot high, the tomatos are growing tall, and the sun berries are giving us flowers that will eventually become berries. Our beets, carrots, beans, basil, spinach, kale, butter crunch lettuce, bunching onions, and zucchini are going strong. We even had a visitor to our lettuce this afternoon.

IMG_20150611_120114449 - Copy.jpg

Our first CSA Share consisted of a mason jar full of mint stems, a bunch of radishes (setzer purple an oblong type, traditional red globe, and a yellow globe radish called helios named for the sun god), and a 15 quart container of fresh mesclun mix that was cut that morning. It was so satisfying to hand over the fresh produce and it made me love what I do that much more. I look forward to seeing what I will have for next week's share.

Since I went so long between updates, I wanted to share some pictures of our plot set up. It was hard work and several homeowners and family members pitched in to help haul dirt and dig paths.




Stay tuned to see what else happens this week in our farm plots!

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