Things They Are A Growing

Today was an exciting day! In addition to lettuce growing strong, peas climbing, and onions gaining height, we have some new discoveries. I was out taking inventory and planning for our next CSA Share on Thursday. It is exciting to see what could be ready in the next few days!


The spinach and kale have taken off in the last two days. If the sun continues we could have both in this week's share. Today is a little overcast which made it enjoyable for weeding, but we want the sun to return now that the weeding is done. One of our favorite things to do with kale is to make kale chips. My kids eat it simply because I call it "chips". If you have never made kale chips before, it couldn't be easier. Once you clean the kale you need three simple ingredients, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Coat the kale in the olive oil and sprinkle with the salt and pepper to taste then bake at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes or until the kale is crispy. The same thing can be done with spinach, but I prefer sautéing the spinach and adding it to scrambled eggs. Although the traditional cooked and served with butter and vinegar.


In addition to the spinach and kale, I saw the first signs of sunberries and ground cherries. The sunberries are similar to blueberries and end up blue in color, but aren't as sweet. I am excited to try these and to see how much each plant produces. I have read several recipes that I can't wait to try from jam to tarts. It should make a wonderful experiment for future shares. The ground cherries are one of my favorites. They are actually part of the tomatillo family and not actually a cherry. The fun thing is that they have they have husks on the outside like tomatillos so kids get to "unwrap" it like a piece of candy. They can be eaten fresh or used like cherries, but don't have pits and last for 2-3 weeks at room temp if the husks are left on. I am always surprised that people don't know what these are. I am excited to see what my members say when they inevitably have their own portion of ground cherries to try.

The first sign of blooms on the tomato plants give us a promise of delicious fruits in the near future. The bush beans are also taking off and hopefully in a few weeks they will both be added to the share.


IMG_20150616_090258375 (1).jpg


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