The Start Is Satisfying

May 14, 2018



It's been a busy and productive couple of weeks on the farm!

The start of the new season is always filled with anticipation, excitement, hard work, amazement, and a little anxiety. We put so much of our heart and sweat into what we grow that every new sprout feels like a new little child and every established food baring plant feels like a teenager. I get so excited to see the first signs of sprouts poking through the top of the soil. I even pulled my son into the field today to look at them and role his eyes at the level of excitement his old mom was exhibiting. He started getting into it is a little contagious. When I see the little shoots and then pull weeds that might encroach on my new babies, I feel like a freedom fighter protecting the little guys. It takes a crew to get this all done.


My youngest even donned her grandma's hat and filled her pockets with peppermints to come help plant onions and reestablish the rows. Her highlight had to be riding on the straw bales as grandma pulled them behind the four wheeler. 


In addition to the new little ones, that are the first of

many this season, I also

inspected the plants that are on the verge of maturity. I am excited to report that the apple trees have many blossom, which, weather permitting, will turn into some very tasty apples this season. The chives are ready to go and the onions will be ready for an early harvest too! I am also cautiously optimistic that our cherry bushes will produce fruit this year to accompany our blackberries. Some of these fruit bushes and trees have been a labor of love for two and three seasons. This year we may actually get to see the fruit of that labor and I can't wait!



The rain kept us out of the rows for a few days, but we got back to it today. We blasted some weeds, got some lettuce starts in, planted some carrots, and counted earthworms. I love seeing the little or not so little guys because it means the soil is AMAZING. All together we counted at least 43 in one 14 foot row! Now we wait with anxious anticipation for our first harvest!


 Also new this year, we will  

be participating in a local

Farmer's Market so stay

tuned for more information. 

We may even be offering

some value added products

like fresh bread, jams, 

cookies, and pickled items.

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